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100% Bonus up to 25000INR
+ 250 Free Spins

Andar Bahar Strategy & Tricks

Best Strategies for Andar Bahar

Do you want to better your chances of winning a game of Andar Bahar? While there’s no 100% known winning strategy, you’ll enhance your chances of winning by sticking to some tips and tricks. One sure way of improving your winning chances is by formulating a strategy and sticking to it.

Best Strategies for Andar Bahar

Successful Andar Bahar players are those who formulate winning tricks in casino sites of their choice and stick to them. While there are several strategies that you may use to better your chances of winning, the following are some of the best Andar Bahar tricks.

The Andar Bahar Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is ideal for games with a 50/50 chance of success, like the Andar Bahar wager. This betting strategy is simple to comprehend. First, each time you lose a wager, double it for your next round. Secondly, immediately return your starting wagering amount each time you have a winning bet. Many believe that this is the best strategy for Andar Bahar.


The Martingale strategy has two variations worth noting. There’s the Grand Martingale, where your wagering strategy doesn’t change, but you keep adding some extra amount to your initial wager each time you lose. Also, there’s the Anti-Martingale strategy, where you double your wager on wins and begin the starting bet upon a loss.

Grand Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy

Below is a tricks chart to the Grand Martingale Andar Bahar strategy for a better understanding:

  • Initial wager: ₹10 – Lost
  • Second wager: ₹30 (Double + ₹10) – Lost
  • Third wager: ₹70 (Double + ₹10) – Win

Anti-Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy

Below is how the Anti-Martingale Andar Bahar Strategy works:

  1. Initial bet: ₹10 – Win
  2. Second bet: ₹20 – Win
  3. Third wager: ₹40 – Lost
  4. Fourth wager: ₹10 – Win

The Hot or Cold Strategy

In most cases, Andar Bahar’s strategies rely on superstitions instead of statistics. In this strategy, you get to wager on what you believe to be cold or hot. The cold approach is wagering on the side with the little wins with the hope of realising some success soon. Those who stick with the hot strategy wager on the side with the most wins. Here, you mostly rely on gut feeling and nothing else.

Tips & Tricks for Newest Players

Are you new to playing Andar Bahar but wish to have the most wins? If your answer is yes, you may want to take advantage of available signup offers to start you off. Be sure you go through the terms and conditions of such “free money” before playing.

Also, you may want to register and play at different online casinos that offer Andar Bahar. That way, you’ll be positioning yourself to land attractive offers and other bonuses you may not find elsewhere. Here are additional winning tricks for new players:

Place Your Regular Bet on the Side Where the First Card Will Be Placed

As a new player, you may want to place regular Andar Bahar bets on a side where the dealer will put the initial card. Doing so will lower the house’s edge while enhancing your winning chances.

Double Your Bet Each Time You Lose

As briefly noted earlier, you should double your stake in case you register a lost bet. While you might feel bad, in the end, you’ll make a profit, no matter how small it is.

Make Small Bets

There’s nothing more dangerous than making huge bets, especially if you are a beginner. Start by making small bets as you climb up the ladder.

Master the Game

It would be detrimental to play Andar Bahar without mastering the ins and outs of the game. Make sure you know the rules and strategies to improve your winning chances.

Take Advantage of Sidebets

If you aren’t aware, winnings tend to be huge for Andar Bahar’s side bets. You stand a chance of increasing your wins as you place more combinations.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is essential when playing Andar Bahar. Always bet what you can afford to lose, and make sure you stick to a budget.

Choose the Right Casino

Plenty of casino sites offer a game of Andar Bahar, but not all are worth your business. To enhance your winning chances, find a casino with decent bonuses and promotions to try your luck.

Beware of Table Limit

At times, you may be carried away while enjoying Andar Bahar to the extent of forgetting the table limits. You need to be aware of table limits as you’ll be able to stay long in the game.

Ignore Cheating Devices

You may be tempted to use cheating devices, thinking you’ll improve your winning chances. However, that’s not necessarily the game in the chance-based game that’s Andar Bahar. Don’t rely on such devices at all.

Increase the RTP by using a bonus

Your stand a significant chance of boosting your RTP if you take advantage of available bonus offers. Don’t ignore any bonus offers, especially if they come with favourable terms and conditions and low wagering requirements.

Bet high on Andar and less on Bahar

Wagering or betting more often on the Andar than Bahar increases your chances of winning as you’ll significantly lower the house edge. Research shows you stand a 51.5% chance of winning an Andar compared to Bahar’s 48.5%.

Avoid cold and hot strategies.

While wagering on a game of Andar Bahar, you should avoid the hot and cold strategy briefly noted earlier since this is betting based on superstitions. Based on the evidence, this strategy rarely gives desired results despite many players praising it.